Absinthe Celebrates 1,000th Show with Brains

absinthe1k.jpgAbsinthe marked its 1,000th show the way any 2-year-old Las Vegas institution would—by having cast members dress up as a bunch of zombies and hitting the club. In Walking Dead-worthy makeup, they were at Pure on March 28, celebrating the occasion by feasting on brains and/or cake. … 1 Oak brought in Kendrick Lamar to do “Swimming Pools,” “Ignorance is Bliss” and “Soul” on March 29. Before he went onstage, he loaded up with Hennessey, Grey Goose and champagne even though he only stayed a couple of hours. We like the cut of his jib. … Nic Cage was spotted in the crowd at The Joint to check out Def Leppard for Viva Hysteria! That makes it officially the most normal thing Cage has done in the last 16 years. We’re waiting to find out if he tried to buy the remains of Steve Clark and stuff them in a sarcophagus.

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