Las Vegas DJs Tip Residency Plans at Ultra

When Ultra Music Festival’s second weekend took hold of Miami on March 22-24, there were a number of Las Vegas nightlife operators and DJs on hand. And while Tao Group partner Jason Strauss hosted CrossFit workouts with Insomniac’s Pasquale Rotella, Nicky Romero and Playboy’s Miss September, Alana Campos, and the Wynn operators held a secret show with Steve Angello at the Miami Art Museum, it was the DJs who provided the biggest glimpse into the future of Las Vegas.

Romero revealed the direction he wanted to take with his upcoming Light residency, saying, “I have this idea to drop into the DJ booth from the roof by a cable. I also want to give everyone who walks in light-up wristbands that I can control the colors of with an app on my iPad.”

Hardwell, meanwhile, said his upcoming Hakkasan gig is going to be using kind of a sci-fi inspiration. “It will have a really futuristic theme from space. My latest single is ‘Apollo,’ so it will fit with that.”