Tao Beach to Launch Sunday Brunch

tao-beach.jpgSundays are about to get a whole lot beachier. Sure, you could get up at dawn, hightail it to San Diego and be brunching seaside like a rock star by noon, but that would require more effort than even the most bodacious fish tacos are worth. Alternatively, you could shuffle over to Tao Beach in your pool skivvies for a new all-day Sunday Brunch, launching May 12.

The spa and bar area will be transformed with patio tables and umbrellas into an al fresco restaurant, where guests can dive into their waffles and fortune-cookie ice cream ($18), Buddha Beach Burger with fried egg and Emperor sauce ($15) or Tao Temple Salad ($12). Of course, those who prefer to recline ’n’ dine are welcome to order Kobe steak and eggs ($88) and other brunch menu items from their VIP daybed, too. For reservations, call 388-8588.

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