Why Change the Rural Speed Limit to 85 mph?

Because driving is awesome! One time I was driving on a Nevada highway, and I saw a sign that said “Speed Limit 75.”I was driving 70 at the time, and I thought, “Oh, why not?” So I began to drive faster, and—well, I’ve done a lot of pleasurable things in my life, including being born. Driving five extra miles per hour was so much better than being born!

Driving faster means driving in an even more awesome way, because it’s faster than when you were going slower. Besides, there’s precedent. James Bond? He drives fast. Race car drivers? Ditto. Raising the limit from 75 to 85 is the equivalent of 10 whole James Bonds. Honestly, I don’t understand why we’re having such a problem with this.

Admit it: What’s the fastest you’ve been popped?