Serge Devant films Video for “You & Me” in Vegas

When you hear that a music video was shot in Las Vegas—especially one for an electronic artist—a few things come to mind: limos, surgically enhanced hotties, Champagne showers and those quintessential shots of a packed nightclub. Thankfully, DJ/producer Serge Devant looked away from the Strip when filming the video for his latest single, “You & Me,” featuring Rachael Starr.

“When I shoot my videos, I always want something that’s not ordinary,” Devant says. “Not chicks in the club or a DJ performing, somebody driving a car, or an obvious love story of a guy and a girl and blah blah blah … I wanted something different, something weird.”
Scenes were shot outside the Outpost Motel on Boulder Highway and on-location at the dry lakebed just south of Las Vegas on the way to California, plus the crew re-created an Outpost hotel room at a Las Vegas production studio.

“It’s about this cowboy, an all-American kind of guy, who checks into a motel that’s a void where a girl traps tourists and turns them into mannequins,” Devant laughs. But the actual cinematic quality and story is a hauntingly dark, complementing the seductive house grooves of the song. “You & Me” is available on Devant’s LP Rewind, and remixes are out now on Beatport. Look for the video in the coming weeks at

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