Concert Review: Danzig

House of Blues, April 17

It could be said that old hardcore punk rockers don’t die, they just start metal bands. In the case of Glenn Danzig, after forming the legendary horror punk band The Misfits and following that with the death metal band Samhain, he established the eponymous Danzig with a debut album and tour in 1998. Twenty-five years later, the performer nicknamed “Evil Elvis” fittingly kicked off the band’s 25th anniversary tour in Las Vegas.

Drawing on a great deal of the earlier material from the band’s seven-plus albums, the band rocked hard despite some occasional sound glitches. The visibly aged singer retained his distinct growling baritone as he prowled the stage like an agitated silverback gorilla (an image furthered by continually thumping his chest with the microphone). The crowd devoured favorites including “Twist of Cain,” “Dirty Black Summer” and “Mother,” but the clear highlight of the evening was the addition of former Misfits guitarist Doyle Von Frankenstein for a set of that band’s classic songs. The crowd erupted into a raging mosh pit, singing along word for word as they performed fan favorites such as “Night of the Living Dead,” “I Turned into a Martian” and “Last Caress.” You may not be a slam-dancer or headbanger, nor have any clue as to who Danzig or The Misfits are, but for fans of the punk and metal genres, the evening was pure manna from, in this case, the gates of hell. ★★★☆☆