Daylife Deals for Locals

As another Memorial Day approaches, so, too, does another summer of “daylife,” the poolside answer to Las Vegas’ powerhouse nightclub scene. This year brings a lot of positive change for locals, with hotel pools seemingly going the way of most everything else in town and looking to offer deals that appeal to the city’s captive resident market. In this case, the deal is free entry.

Whether or not attending a pool party is your idea of a good time—it can get really … let’s call it stupid at some of these booze-n-skinfests—well, that’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. My sole purpose here is to give you the season’s first comprehensive list of potential targets. The rest is up to you.

The list below identifies pools that grant free entry with a Nevada ID. Trust me: Everything has been checked and verified, so it’s valid as of … right now. Trust me again: Many of these policies will change, some more than once, so try to call ahead or have a backup plan in case you get denied.

A resort often has multiple pools, some of which have outside operators, so when a specific pool is mentioned, the stated policy is for that pool only. A good example is Caesars Palace, where there are seven different pools that make up the resort’s Garden of the Gods, but only the Venus Pool Club—which is the actual name of Caesars’ topless pool—has free admission Monday through Thursday. Here’s the rest of the list:

Free for All: Locals are welcome to hit the pool at Hooters free of charge any day of the week. The same is true at the Rio’s Voodoo Beach and the Voo (no longer topless); the Stratosphere; the Pond at Green Valley Ranch (which previously was only open on weekends); and Planet Hollywood (though the powers that be are reconsidering this one).

Free for All … Kind of: Want to check out the Palms’ pool scene gratis? You can … but only until the end of April. Among the other resorts that have asterisks afixed to their free-for-locals pool policies are the Cosmopolitan (free with a players card, availability permitting); the Cosmo’s Marquee Dayclub (free Monday-Thursday only); Hard Rock (Monday-Friday); Palms Place (Monday-Thursday); Rumor’s Gossip Pool (free daily unless there’s a special event with a cover charge); Silverton’s Sway Pool Lounge (Monday-Friday, with a $5 charge on weekends); The Mirage’s Bare Pool Lounge (Mondays only); Tropicana’s Bagatelle Beach Club (open weekends only); and Venetian’s Tao Beach (Monday-Thursday). And then there’s Mandalay Bay’s topless Moorea Beach, which is always free for women. Ditto for men … on Thursdays … from 11 a.m. to noon. (Yep, that’s a one-hour entry window.)