CD Reviews: Major Lazer, Nicole Moudaber and Caspa

Electronic dancehall/reggae

Major Lazer, Free the Universe (Mad Decent)

Sounds like a party up in this album! Grab a case of Red Stripe, invite your friends over for a spicy barbecue and get down to the sounds of the much-anticipated album from Major Lazer. Mix and mastered in Las Vegas by Luca “Digitalboy” Pretolesi, a laundry list of hit-makers in the music industry is featured. Peaches, Wyclef Jean, Bruno Mars and more lend their stylings to Free the Universe for a feel-good (and a little bit naughty) summer soundtrack. ★★★☆☆


Nicole Moudaber, Believe (Drumcode)

Make sure you listen to Believe on a proper sound system at a high volume with lots of subs, because Believe brings the deep, soul-bumping beats you need to feel all the way to your core. For her first LP, Nicole Moudaber gives underground electronic music fans pulsating atmospheres, wrapping her listeners in a warm blanket of sonic goodness. With a dash of tribal and a twist on house along with the staple of techno grooves and even a collaboration with Drumcode head honcho Adam Beyer, the “Queen of the Underground” can polish her crown with this delicious debut offering. ★★★★☆


Caspa, Alpha Omega (DubPolice Records)

Sweeping orchestral compositions and choral elements are combined with the wonkiest of the wonky basslines for the U.K. producer’s sophomore LP. With creative production layers and new twists on dubstep, Caspa digs deeper and successfully creates a legit offering that’s enticing enough for even non bass-music fans. Highlights on the 15-track album include “War” featuring Keith Flint of The Prodigy, and kicking the BPMs up a notch on “Techno Terry” featuring Dismantle for some old-school rave flavor. But in all honestly there’s so many facets to the album, each track is a unique standout. ★★★★☆

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