BAR 702 Gets Rescued, Loses Old Name

Mark your TV-watching calendar: On July 7, BAR 702 (3355 Spring Mountain Rd.)—the local live-music venue formerly known as the Sand Dollar Lounge—will appear on Spike reality series Bar Rescue. The show involves industry experts observing a struggling bar in action, then offering strategies and overhauls.

Eight months ago, then-Sand Dollar co-owner Lisa Guerena submitted an application online. Out of 250 Vegas bars, hers made the final cut after a series of interviews, casting calls and meet-and-greets with producers.

“I’m a little nervous about how they’ll portray us,” Guerena says. “But we’re excited to be handed a new bar with national exposure.”

Everything on the inside is new—carpet, tables and chairs, glassware, food and drink menus and, more importantly for this column, the sound system. Indeed, the season premiere, which wrapped in February, spotlights local blues acts Dr. Harpo & 2 the Moon and John Earl’s the Boogieman Band.

The only uneasy moment for Guerena was taking down the brand-new Sand Dollar sign and replacing it with the show’s mandated BAR 702 signage.

“I didn’t choose to change the name to piss anyone off,” Guerena says. “I busted my butt to get that name back, but we’re going to be aired on a national television show with more than 3 million viewers for the season premiere, and 1 million viewers per rerun. We can’t afford to lose that shot.”

For more info on BAR 702, call 485-5401 or visit

Cool shows this week? The retro-thrash revival is still gaining momentum courtesy of Canada’s Cauldron. The Toronto power trio’s ’80s-influenced sound is tons of fun, especially on the band’s most recent disc, last year’s Tomorrow’s Lost. Speed-racing songs such as “Nitebreaker” are the purest distillation of shred-guitar solos, screechy yet melodic singing and partying-off-the-rails drumming. Cauldron boils over at 9 p.m. May 9 at Cheyenne Saloon.

Gruesomely masked nu-metallers Mushroomhead sprout up at Bunkhouse Saloon at 8 p.m. May 11. This Cleveland-born crew seems to be a favorite of people who repeatedly view the Saw film franchise on Blu-Ray, but don’t hold that against the band. Its most recent album is 2010’s Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children, which has some kick-ass tunes on it. Also on the bill: IDSFA, Years Echo, False Cause, Vile Child, Someday Broken, Lydia Can’t Breathe, Ionia and Corvus.

Finally, here’s something you really can’t afford to miss: Dutch crust-punk band Radio Bikini cranks up the Dive Bar (formerly known as Favorites) at 9 p.m. May 16. So if you’re curious to see how Holland dishes up hardcore, here’s your chance. Joining this rare import will be L.A. street-punkers Hiding Inside Victims. Bring earplugs.

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