B is for B-boy

Break-dance competition Red Bull BC One headspins its way to Fremont Street Experience (425 Fremont St.) at 8 p.m. on May 18 to illustrate that while Toprock and Downrock sound like distant cousins to Fraggle Rock, they are, in fact, terms to describe elements of b-boying or breaking.

Hosted by CROS1, this free, all-ages event will be judged by renowned b-boys Floor Rock, Teknyc and Neguin. From Vancouver to Vegas, 16 b-boys from the West Coast will battle it out; one additional invited b-boy and two pre-qualifiers will be added.

What does it take to win? “Flavor, musicality, character, originality, style, flow, foundation, power moves, transitions and execution,” Teknyc says. According to CROS1, who has been around since the event’s inception in 2004, battle tactics and style, among other things, are important. But the key is staying in sync with the music and opponent.

The best b-boy at the Las Vegas Cypher will advance to the Red Bull BC One National Final in Houston on August 17. The national champion will travel to Seoul, South Korea, to compete in the World Finals in November. 

“B-boying is a great universal language that brings different people from all walks of life together for one common cause. It’s a real unique and beautiful art form,” Teknyc says.

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