Just for Mom

Don’t forget the ‘other’ most important woman in your life


With Mother’s Day almost on us, here are a few trinkets for the woman who used to (or still does) make your lunches and tuck you in at night…


Henri Bendel bag


Henri Bendel bag, $398, the Forum Shops at Caesars.


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Talking Fashion with Marina and the Diamonds

By Claire Wigglesworth

Marina and the Diamonds emerged on the U.K. pop scene in 2010, and the group’s eccentric Kate Bush-type new album, Electra Heart, is currently getting a lot of airplay. About the only thing that has us more excited than the band’s May 9 performance at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool is what vocalist Marina Diamandis will be wearing. The quirky-cool Brit is renowned for her eclectic style, which often reflects the theme of her current album—yes, that is a little drawn-on heart shape on her left cheek. And, yes, we do love it!