Talking Fashion with Marina and the Diamonds

An international 'It' girl shares her style secrets

matd.jpgMarina and the Diamonds emerged on the U.K. pop scene in 2010, and the group’s eccentric Kate Bush-type new album, Electra Heart, is currently getting a lot of airplay. About the only thing that has us more excited than the band’s May 9 performance at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool is what vocalist Marina Diamandis will be wearing. The quirky-cool Brit is renowned for her eclectic style, which often reflects the theme of her current album—yes, that is a little drawn-on heart shape on her left cheek. And, yes, we do love it! We caught up with the global trendsetter on her way to Vegas to learn more about her sense of style.

Is there a story behind the cute heart on your cheek?

It just stood for love; most people’s Achilles’ heel. Plus the album title is Electra Heart.

Do you have certain style rules or a philosophy that you follow?

No. Some days if I’m feeling “wobbly” I will look really, really bad, like a bag lady. But most of the time my sense of style remains stable, and I wear a lot of color. I have an hourglass figure, so I love classic shapes, but I team it up with bright colors [and] bits of neon to modernize it. Oh, also, if you have fat legs, don’t wear skinny jeans.

Do you have a favorite designer?

I love Céline so much. JCDC is full of humor. I also adore everything Acne does. They are the perfect brand for casual clothing. I also do a bit of high street—Topshop and Forever 21.

How would you describe your music in three words beginning with “S”?

Sweet. Sarcastic. Surprrrrrising.

What’s the new album about?

The album is based around a villainous home-wrecker bitch of pop culture called Electra Heart. It’s an electronic pop album full of real, fake, imagined and true-to-life experiences concerning our relationship with love and how it fucks us up.

Do you have a to-do list for Vegas?

Not really. I did a residency here last year, and I just did what I always like to do: drink very pink cocktails. I’m not a gambler or a clubber, so I will just stick to martinis and smoke all night.