The Green Hour

At a time when—politically, economically, culturally—so much seems so wrong to so many of us, it’s easy to forget about the environment. It’s the ultimate peace-and-prosperity issue, the thing we think about when everything else isn’t on our mind. But as global weather patterns grow curiouser and curiouser (to paraphrase Alice, who visited a place even weirder than 21st-century Vegas), we no longer have the luxury of waiting for a calm moment. Fortunately, as Heidi Kyser writes, Southern Nevada municipalities have been not only thinking about sustainability but acting on those thoughts, investing in programs that will likely pay off for decades to come. Meanwhile, as Nora Burba Trulsson reports, Nevada has put itself at the national forefront in LEED-certified sustainability design—and has sparked a quiet aesthetic revolution in the process. In ways both great and small, Las Vegans have responded to the need to be smarter in our stewardship of the environment. In an age when so much seems beyond our control, here’s a place where we can actually make a difference.

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A Tale of Two Rickeys

Editor's Note

A Tale of Two Rickeys

By Greg Blake Miller

One of the most ironic spectacles in recent weeks was the fulsome support Pacific Coast League President Branch Rickey III gave to the idea of moving the Las Vegas 51s from Cashman Field to Summerlin. Just as millions of moviegoers were watching the tale of how Rickey’s grandfather spearheaded the integration of Major League Baseball, Las Vegans got a look at the letter Rickey III sent to prospective 51s co-owner Steve Mack advocating the team’s move to the suburbs.