Axl Brings Hakkasan to its Sha-Na-Na-Na-Knees

axlgossippage.jpgThe most surprising thing from the May 11 Rolling Stones show at MGM Grand wasn’t that Axl Rose came into town to take it in. It wasn’t even Katy Perry getting to do “Beast of Burden” despite the fact that she can’t actually, you know, sing.

It was that after the show, Rose stopped by Hakkasan. High-strung, camera-shy, ultra-neurotic, one-time rock god Axl Rose was just kickin’ it in the club. Where he was seen dancing with the staff.

Somewhere, Izzy Stradlin just rolled his eyes so hard he took a good, hard look at his frontal lobes.

Rose arrived at about 1:30 a.m. with a big group of friends to see the Bingo Players. The last time Axl tried to go in a crossover direction, it ended in the End of Days soundtrack song “Oh My God,” so let’s hope he’s not getting any EDM ideas. You remember “Oh My God,” don’t you? Up there with “Paradise City” and “Welcome to the Jungle,” right? Exactly.

Axl + Nightclub might not have even been the oddest pairing at the MGM spot. Kelsey Grammer and more-or-less child bride Kayte Walsh were having dinner with Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, for a mutual friend’s birthday party. We’d love to have heard the conversation where Walsh had to surreptitiously explain to Grammer who Hudgens was.

Meanwhile, Ke$ha held a private dining room where she threw a surprise birthday party for one of her creative directors. You need a creative director to come up with lines like “There’s a place I know if you’re looking for a show/Where they go hardcore and there’s glitter on the floor”? We had no idea that every high school sophomore who was the lead singer of a terrible garage band was qualified to be a creative director.

Mike Tyson To Get the Scooby-Doo Treatment

Mike Tyson is apparently going to star in the greatest thing ever. And we’re not just saying that in the hope that he doesn’t punch us.

On May 10, during the upfronts, when networks announce their slate of new shows and schedules for the coming season in hopes of luring advertisers, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim just kind of casually mentioned they’d be doing a show called the Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Which is, as you’d imagine, a show about Tyson solving crimes. With a talking pigeon sidekick. And a magical face tattoo.
We don’t care how many drugs were ingested during the creative process for this show, we’re just glad to live on a planet where those kinds of drugs are available.

Another One for the Road

Lil’ Kim stopped by the Palms Pool on May 9, where she posed for photos with fans, signed some autographs and reminded everyone that getting a ton of plastic surgery before age 40 is an incredibly terrible decision. … Icona Pop collaborator Charli XCX (pictured, right) hit the stage at Lavo on May 12. For those of you who aren’t keeping up on your upcoming pop sensations, Charli XCX is in fact a British pop star and is not the name of a prototype android out of Sony’s labs. That’s Charli XCX-2.0. … Completing the British Invasion for the weekend was Olly Murs, at Pure on May 11. Between those two and the Stones, we thank you for not reflexively grabbing your musket and running toward the Strip.

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