Concert Review: Dusty Sunshine

Beauty Bar, May 11

The Dusty Sunshine concert, which raised money for the band’s upcoming trip to the NXNW Festival in Canada, had the air of a quaint town fair. It included a kissing booth, hot dogs and an onstage date auction that featured autoharp player Chani Riiell.

The band itself didn’t take the stage until well after 1 a.m. Dusty Sunshine played an abbreviated set of Americana that showcased their multi-instrumental talents. Reminiscent of the Coen brothers’ Oh Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack, the vocal harmonizing was earthy and haunting, and the addition of new bass player Aly Unna provided a steady backdrop for banjo, mandolin and violin flourishes. The band hit their sweet spot on the Heidi Guinn-sung “The Nest.” All in all, they raised $3,000 toward their Canada trip. To quote another Americana artist, James McMurtry, It’s a small town, you know what I mean/It’s a small town son, and we all support the team. ★★★☆☆