Concert Review: Great White

Boulder Station, May 10

These guys are the archetypal ’80s second-string rock act: big crunchy chords, addiction, public bickering, pyrotechnic tragedy and a long string of convoluted lineup shifts that has seen the band run through more than 25 musicians in its 30-year history. It’s actually pretty amazing they are a) alive, and b) now touring with three of 1982’s original founding members. Terry Ilous did just fine on vocals, earning some grudging respect from a fan who said, “he’s pretty good, even though he’s no Jack Russell.”

Although it took the sound guy a few songs to cut back on vocal distortion, it didn’t matter much since Great White’s lyrics are by far the least entertaining thing about the band. “Mista Bone,” “On Your Knees” and “(I’ve Got) Something for You” are hardly subtle and an almost unnecessary slathering of lube on their guitar-neck-stroking commitment to thumping, pelvis-grinding rock that put them just this side of self-parody a la Spinal Tap. The night of rough aural sex closed with lead guitarist Mark Kendall and guest Stoney Curtis jamming on a cover of Hendrix’s “Red House” and closed with the obligatory “Once Bitten, Twice Shy.” ★★★☆☆