DJ Ikon Keeps His Backpack Game Tight

ikon.jpgWho … DJ Ikon, A.k.a. Aaron White; DJ at the Act Industry Wednesdays at the Palazzo; Co-owner of Feature Sneaker Boutique

My look … usually consists of a cool T-shirt and shoes matched with a nice pair of jeans.

DJs … can pretty much wear whatever they want at work. You can always spot DJs hanging out at clubs—it costs a lot of money to look that cheap.

I grew up … in Lake Tahoe. We didn’t have any record stores. One day I ruined my parents’ records trying to spin on their turntable.

I’ve avoided wearing … capri pants for so long. As a grown man, I don’t think I should roll my pants.
A trend I’m not interested in … is the mullet. I refuse to do business in the front and party in the back.

My favorite accessory … is my backpack. As a DJ, you’re probably going to be the only one with a backpack in the club, so you don’t want to have a standard bag. It’s also my current favorite brand, MCM.