EDC, Elevated

Ultra-VIP is now the only way to experience Electric Daisy Carnival

Well that didn’t take long—all general admission and VIP tickets are now sold out to Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival, June 21-23 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Your next move: A private VIP table with bottle service is your final chance to access the neon madness. If you have the means, or you have a friend with the means, here’s how to do EDC like a boss.

Once again, Tao Group’s Marquee Nightclub is operating the VIP table experience at the Speedway. The private area transforms into an elevated Marquee-esque escape that includes a private bar and lounge, branded décor and secluded bathrooms. The venue also includes a raised viewing deck overlooking the main stages (Circuit Grounds and Kinetic Field) and golf cart transportation from the entrance to your table, where swag bags await. Table minimums start at $3,000. VIP table guests also get expedited entry to the speedway and special access to the Ferris wheel.

Of course, you can take the experience even higher than the raised VIP table area: If limo service is too pedestrian, step the commute up a few notches with a helicopter ride from Maverick Aviation. Private charter prices start at $3,000, with seven seats available, and individual round-trip seats cost $800.

Bottle service inquiries: EDC@MarqueeLasVegas.com or 765-6650. Helicopter rides: FlyMaverick.com or 405-4300.

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