Concert Review: The Photo Atlas

Beauty Bar, May 17

Plagued by problems, The Photo Atlas overcame even the worse Spinal Tap moments. This Denver-based dance-punk quintet battled with power issues from the start. As amplifier lights dimmed during their first song, drummer Joshua Taylor played on. Power was restored, and they finished without missing a beat. Lead vocalist Alan Andrews Jr. said, “We lost total power and played through it. I’m proud of everyone here. It’s great to be in Vegas.”

Things went well until the band performed their latest single “Memory Like a Sinking Ship,” and an overzealous fog machine spewed so much smoke that the band disappeared behind a wall of white haze. At the end of the song, Andrews emerged from the fog, coughing and said, “This fog machine is destroying my life right now, anyone else?”

Guitarists Bill Threlkeld III and Luis Gorostiaga rocked out with a pair of Fender Telecasters and a ferocious attack that added to the driving punk and dance beat rhythms as the band wrapped up the set without any further issues. Andrews invited everyone to come close and dance with them for their last song, “Red Orange Yellow,” and the crowd obliged. The Photo Atlas stormed on through a rough gig. ★★★☆☆

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