Help Create Arty’s New Music Video

We’ve all whipped out our camera phones while watching a live performance to capture the action. But what if you could take that experience to a new level of awesomeness?

In a promising music + tech synergy, Arty is teaming up with Marquee Nightclub and video-sharing app Vyclone to create a fan-generated dance music video.

Here’s the gist: Arty will invite fans to use Vyclone to film his new single “Together We Are” when he plays it at Marquee this Friday, May 24. The Los Angeles-based social-video app for iPhone and Android synchronizes multiple users’ footage to create collaborative movies that incorporate each user’s unique perspective.

When I first downloaded Vyclone earlier this year I thought, “This would be rad for concerts.” Leave it to 23-year-old Arty to make it happen.

How to contribute:

1. Download Vyclone 

2. Create an account and start following @artyofficial

3. Start filming when you hear Arty’s “Together We Are.”

4. Upload the video.

5. Vyclone will piece everyone’s clips together to create the music video.

If you contribute, hit us up in the comments section and let us know how it went!

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