The Dawn of Daylight

Mandalay Bay is making a serious play for the day-to-night partygoers. In an era when Las Vegas pool offerings are abundant, can Light Group bring something new to the table with Daylight Beach Club? Vegas Seven took a tour of the new dayclub Thursday, and the answer appears to be “yes.”

Daylight enters the daytime game with a differentiating stage-orientation. The intention is to bring “Mediterranean, European effects from Ibiza, St. Tropez, and Cannes to Vegas,” Light Group Marketing Director Nick Gold explains.

Where other venues opt for a semi-central DJ booth, Daylight has a serious stage, the dominant focal point of the space. The DJ booth occupies a central fraction of the half-dome of what feels like an outdoor theater. The stage is LED’d-out with six hanging screens and a huge panoramic seventh along the entire front of the DJ booth. The result will be bright light shows day and night, presumably important effects for Light Group’s namesake pool.

The 50,000-square-foot space has a bar opposite the stage and a central pool surrounded by 23 cabanas. The top real estate, however, is a pair of bungalows that hug each side of the stage. They’re big and comfy, complete with private Jacuzzis with intimate views of the stage and pool action.

The venue holds up to 5,000 guests and has a dedicated entrance and valet on the southeast side of Mandalay Bay by the Shark Reef. Daylight will be open Friday through Sunday, plus Wednesdays for its nighttime pool party, Eclipse, which will also take place on select Sundays.

Click here to read about Light, the companion nightclub to Daylight.

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