Dishing: Reuben Egg Rolls, Holsteins

The formula for a really popular appetizer is something like “hand held + deep fried + cheese = moneymaker.” The burger-and-beer joint at the Cosmopolitan takes it one step further by combining a couple of different concepts: the egg roll and the Reuben sandwich, and executes it really well. Puffy egg roll wrappers are the perfect delivery vehicle for tender corned beef and sauerkraut. Things stay neat with a side of Russian dressing in which to dip the fusion appetizer. $12, in the Cosmopolitan, 698-7940,

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Dishing: Choked Pig Pizza, Slice of Vegas

Dishing With Grace

Dishing: Choked Pig Pizza, Slice of Vegas

By Grace Bascos

The pizza shop in the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay just got creative with its latest menu additions. The Choked Pig piqued our interest with its curious name alone, but kept our attention with its ingredients. The pie is topped with pesto aioli, mozzarella cheese, bacon and a mix of artichokes (oh, we get it now!). Chopped fresh basil and whiskey sour cream (not to be confused with a cream that tastes like a whiskey sour) highlight the earthy flavors.



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