How to Make the Silverton’s Walk Good Punch

silverton-cocktailswalkgoodpunch.jpgPunch has a long and interesting history—long enough that you could drain a bowl of the stuff before I could finish retelling how it started with British sailors in the 1600s. It was their daily ration of spirit (usually rum, brandy or arrak, William Grant & Sons’ ambassador Charlotte Voisey said during her punch seminar at this winter’s Après Ski Cocktail Classic) and whatever else was handy. Typically, that meant water, citrus, sugar and spices such as clove, mace and nutmeg. In your own port of call, feel free to take a wide view of that recipe, substituting whatever you have around, such as tea, wine or milk for the water, a liqueur for sugar and any spirit you fancy. At the Silverton, a collaborative effort resulted in the very enjoyable Walk Good Punch, a blend that includes spiced rum, dark rum, almond-flavored liqueur, lemonade and aromatic bitters. Ginger beer and a veritable fruit salad of a garnish take you straight to the Caribbean, where to “walk good” is the lingua Franca for everything from “hello” and “goodbye” to “good luck” and “happy trails.” Just try not to enjoy too many, or you might not walk very well at all.

Walk Good Punch

As served at the Silverton

In a mixing glass, combine 1 ounce Captain Morgan spiced rum, 1/4 ounce Myers’s dark rum, 1/4 ounce Bols crème de noyaux, 1 ounce apple juice, 2 ounces fresh lemonade and 2 dashes Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters. Add ice, stir for 15 seconds and transfer into an 11-ounce rocks glass. Top with a generous splash (approximately 1 ounce) of Fever -tree ginger beer. Garnish with a bar cherry, a blackberry, a slice of orange and a sprig of fresh mint.