Charles Ressler Embraces Day Glow for the Summer

Photo by Zack W.

Photo by Zack W.

Who: Charles Ressler

What: Downtown communications specialist

Day glow … is my favorite color. OK, it’s not a color, it’s a spectrum. But it’s my favorite of the season. I say “if it glows in the day, I’ll love it.” I use it like a neutral.

Rivieras … are my go-to pair of shoes. They are the original, undiscovered Toms. If I could own a pair in every color I would probably only wear Rivieras.

A lot of times … I’m talking to people, and I realize they have no idea what I’m talking about. It took me awhile to understand the pace and the way people communicate in Vegas after moving from New York.

Downtown … life is about the people. I’d throw myself in front of a bus for most of the people down here. I have, on many occasions—figuratively speaking, of course.


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