Diddy Does His Duty During Memorial Day Edition of Rehab

chrisbrowngossip.jpgYou don’t normally get to see royalty hanging out poolside—unless Prince Harry is in town to party with Olympians before making ill-advised sartorial choices for billiards. The wonderful thing about three-day weekends, though, is that it usually affords us the chance to hobnob with the ostentatious, garish, self-proclaimed pseudoroyalty we all go in for.

That’s right, we’re talking about Memorial Day with Diddy. America!

His Royal Diddyness was camped out at Rehab on May 26, along with the Wizards’ John Wall, Lil Wayne and Meek Mill. DJ Whoo Kid, Richard Beynon, DJ Shift and DJ Wellman split turntable duties, while Diddy shouted out both the East and West coasts. But not the territories and protectorates. Never the territories and protectorates.

That evening, Diddy and Wayne were joined at Vanity by comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Fabolous. That’s a lot of time for Diddy and Wayne to spend together. Unless they’re secretly collaborating. We’re going to go ahead and assume that Cîroc is coming out with a sizzurp flavor by the fourth quarter of 2013.

Brown, Girlfriend Tran Back Together at Palms

Chris Brown, who was just here last weekend for the Billboard Music Awards and earlier in the month for his 24th birthday, was back in town May 26 at Palms Pool with on-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

They rolled in with a crew of 20, and before he went onstage, Brown unbuttoned his shirt and had Tran rub sunscreen on his chest. It’s amazing how something that would be completely innocuous with any other couple sounds creepy as hell coming from Brown. We kind of picture him as being one compulsory metal bikini away from going full-Jabba.

Brown then got onstage with Big Sean, saying “We weren’t even supposed to get onstage, but I said let me have some fun.” Which would seem harmless if we didn’t know Brown’s idea of “fun” was “practicing MMA on 98-pound women.”

At least he did his new single, “They Don’t Know,” before it officially dropped on May 27. That song, by the by, features Aaliyah, who died in 2001. Not like anyone could take that as another instance of Brown doing something creepy to a defenseless woman or anything.

Also there to check out Brown were Christina Milian, Pusha T, T.I. and Mike Vick. Of course Vick is a Brown fan. Of course he is.

To start the weekend, Wiz Khalifa and fiancé/babymama Amber Rose hit up the pool, where he did “Black and Yellow,” “Work Hard, Play Hard” and “’Bout Me.” Later they hit up Rain for Floyd Mayweather’s party along with Lil’ Kim, Flo Rida, Kim Porter, Quincy Jones Brown and the Browns’ Trent Richardson. Chris Brown, however, didn’t make it. Neither did Jim Brown, 2008 Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown or the entire staff of your local UPS facility.

Another one for the road

Mandalay Bay’s Light held its grand opening over Memorial Day weekend, along with companion pool Daylight. Criss Angel turned up May 25 for Sebastian Ingrosso’s set. … Kaskade took his first turn at Tao on May 26, when he indulged in a Memorial Day tradition of spinning super-long sets that don’t end until your average bagel shop is hitting its morning rush. He went for six hours, not stopping until 7:30 a.m. … Kardashian fashion accessory Scott Disick celebrated his 30th birthday in full black tie at Hyde Bellagio on May 26, calling it “Lord Disick’s 30th.” So that’ll do wonders to make him seem more human, and not an American Psycho simulacrum come to life.


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