Summer Beauty

Cosmetics guru Sonia Kashuk on the season’s best looks and must-haves

soniokashukas.jpgMakeup artist Sonia Kashuk has been making affordable, high-quality products for almost 15 years. Each season, the New York-based Kashuk releases her reinterpreted line of makeup and cosmetics, via her partnership with Target, supplying women with everyday staples for their beauty arsenals. We caught up with Kashuk to discuss her new line of cosmetic bags and to get some makeup tips for the season.

What inspired your design for this season’s cosmetic bags?

As I design new prints each season, I find different inspirations each time. The yarn print bag was inspired from a knit. It was a reinterpretation, and it added an interesting array of color. I also considered how could I use materials or fabrics that are not at all even related, while still trying to keep up with the trends and colors of the season. I saw beaded work and transformed that into the variety of green flowers.

The tile print came from my trip to Morocco.

What is your one must-have beauty item this season?

A beautiful bronzer. My line has two award-winning bronzers to consider: the cream matte bronzer and the illuminating bronzer. If you don’t want the color to become a second skin try the latter—it’s perfect to add warmth and tone. Also, try using a dual-fiber brush to give the lightest delivery.

Any recommendations on how to create the right look for the dayclub?

Use minimal amount of product, especially as it gets warmer, so put the energy in the eyes or lips. Try my lip-and-cheek stain to add a little bit of brightness. If it’s super humid, it’s hard to hold anything on the face, so try false eyelashes. They can give a lot of drama when not overly done. Also, start the night before when you’re going to bed. A self-tanner helps the skin look healthy, and you don’t have to worry about skin care.