Concert Review: Matt and Kim

Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, May 30

The first thing that hit me was how well Matt and Kim, who live in Brooklyn and are “partners in sex,” repeatedly enunciated the word “fucking.” The second thing I noticed were the party stunts. Kim had a penchant for climbing on her drum rig and walking on the crowd’s upstretched hands, although at one point she risked getting wish-boned, which may not have been far from her mind.

Oh, and then there was the music. Kim whacked the crap out of her drums with frantic, grinning energy and Matt vigorously actuated his keyboard and both of them sang in a way that showed us they were really into it. They opened their dozen-song set with “Block After Block” and included “It’s Alright” and “Now,” both off their fourth album Lightning, released late last year. Characterized by punctuated vocals and simple, staccato musicianship, their sound strongly seems like Gary Numan strapped to Dead Kennedys.

Matt and Kim’s relationship and stripped-down approach to music have obvious analogies to the White Stripes, and maybe they’ll get there someday. They can write a good hook and their lyrics are far from bubblegum, but much of that was lost in the noise. As a party band, they certainly bring the energy. And if hearing Kim say, “I got a hickey on my titty” doesn’t strike you as a little TMI, you probably had a great time. As a college couple here from Florida apologetically said: “They’re better in a small venue and with a college crowd.” ★★☆☆☆

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