McCarthy Not Immune to Diamonds’ Charm

mccarthygossip.jpgWhen throwing a party and looking to maximize the number of attractive ladies per square inch, it helps, tremendously, to be a jeweler. (Your second-best results would come from filming an ‘80s metal video, but unless you’re secretly Great White in 1989, that ship has probably sailed. We wish you the best of luck building a time machine. Please don’t make it out of anything flammable.)

Simon G. Jewelry threw the aptly named Summer Soiree at Tao on June 1, and the festival of all things sparkly drew Jenny McCarthy, Audrina Patridge, Paula Abdul, Catt Sadler, Holly Madison, Lala Anthony, Peta Murgatroyd, Mario Lopez and very pregnant wife, Courtney, Gilles and Carole Marini, and newlyweds Katrina Bowden and Ben Jorgenson.

But it couldn’t be just about boring old diamonds all night long—even if Patridge and Bowden were trying on each other’s rocks at one point. No, the evening called for entertainment, too. Enter the Village People, to do “Y.M.C.A.,” proving that no event, no matter how invested in high-priced accessories, is ever too good to spend a portion of its evening on a musical journey about picking up strange dudes at youth hostels.

After the party, McCarthy and Anthony both stayed on at Tao for dinner. The night before, McCarthy was spotted at The Beatles LOVE with her son, Evan. Which makes this the first time we wish the Beatles had written a song about how awesome vaccinations were. Like “A Day in the Life of Jonas Salk” or “A Hard Day’s Night of Not Developing Autism Because of This Shot That Stops Me From Getting All That Rubella.”

Romany Malco Doubles Back to Zark

Star of Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story Romany Malco already had Saint John of Las Vegas under his belt. Then he filmed the upcoming Last Vegas with Michael “Oral Sex Gives You Cancer” Douglas here, and now he’s back to work on Think Like a Man Too. Basically, what we’re trying to say is the Nevada Film Office should hire him as a spokesman or mascot or something

While working on Last Vegas, which filmed scenes at Aria, Malco didn’t have time to check out Zarkana. He rectified that oversight June 1 with a trip to see the show, where he ran into friend Paula Abdul

Also filming in town right now is Heat with Jason Statham. Don’t panic: It’s not a remake of the Robert De Niro/Al Pacino classic. It’s much, much worse. It’s a remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds classic-er. And it’s starring Statham, who somehow isn’t yet box-office poison in his non-Transporter roles. Statham turned up at Hakkasan on June 1, clearly not having grown a Reynolds-esque mustache, so what’s even the point of remaking a Reynolds movie?

Another one for the road

Michael Phelps tried his hand at the World Series of Poker’s eight-handed no-limit tourney on May 29. He got bounced on Day 2. He’s expected to do much better in the Main Event, after the Rio announced plans to flood the Amazon Room during play. … Metta World Peace warmed up for the June 2 edition of Rehab by drinking Moscow Mules with friends at Culinary Dropout. He also just put out a children’s book. Hopefully he dishes out practical advice in there about pregaming so you don’t get locked into inflated pool-party prices. … Jenna Jameson launched a Twitter fusillade against Tito Ortiz on May 30, accusing him of drug use and domestic violence. We know this because we just follow porn-star Twitter accounts for the gripping personal drama.


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