Tigers, Cobras and Foxes

The week’s best underground rock shows are crowded on June 7. That night, at 10 p.m., local punk bands the Dirty Panties, the Quitters, the Seriouslys, Tiger Sex and Gigantic gather at Double Down Saloon. All these groups have a loose, garage-y bent that should make them tons of fun to watch. I haven’t yet caught a set by Tiger Sex, but people tell me they’re great. Sure, their name is intriguing, but not something I’m entirely comfortable Googling right now. I’m still trying to explain to my wife how a site called TheDirtyPanties.com ended up in my browser history. (You’d think being a music writer would get me out of jail.)

Over at LVCS, meanwhile, long-running industrial-metal band Fear Factory punches out its trademark blend of thrash and electronica. The band’s most recent disc is a concept album called The Industrialist, which relates the dystopian sci-fi story of an automaton who no longer wants to be automated. It doesn’t get any colder, more mechanized or punishing than the Factory. So if you need good music with which to feel very bad, this is your concert. Also on the bill: death-metal band Hate Eternal, power-metal trio Kobra & the Lotus, plus Protest and Bi-Polar.

At Triple B at 7 p.m., classic blues-rock revivalists the Stone Foxes are on the hunt. This band was supposed to play the venue back in March but had to cancel and made good on their promise to reschedule. The Foxes boast a broad array of influences—gospel, country, R&B. But it all boils down to a rollickin’ approach to delivering songs that sound instantly vintage. I deeply admire their dark, Edgar Allan Poe-referencing “Everybody Knows,” which features amazing harmonica-playing. Also on the bill are two Vegas bands: psychedelic, sax-powered combo Jack & the B-Fish, and sharper-than-Freddy-Krueger’s-tackle-box trio The Dirty Hooks.

Local release alert! Coffeehouse-indie group Szabo is set to release their debut EP Get Wasted at Artifice at 9 p.m. June 8. Szabo recorded at the Killers’ own Battle Born Studios, and from what I’ve heard of the results so far, the EP is well produced. (Look for my review in the coming weeks.) Szabo is led by namesake frontman Elliot Szabo, and the songs are folk-based and pretty much built around the acoustic guitar. Which means I’d rather get caffeinated than wasted while spinning this stuff. Still, I can easily imagine fans of, say, Jack Johnson getting into this. I’m eager to find out how Szabo sounds live. Hopefully they rock out a little more onstage. Also on the bill: Black Belt Karate, Leather Bound Crooks and Gorilla Heads.

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