Concert Review: Two Gallants

Beauty Bar, June 8th

The raspy croon of lead singer Adam Stephen could shake the glitter off the walls of Beauty Bar. Two Gallants are a duo from San Francisco, but their raucous flavor of blustering Americana would suggest otherwise. Drummer Tyson Vogel was the string tying their sound together, constantly accelerating and slowing down the pace. Stephen’s distinct vocal styling (best described as a vulnerable wail) paired with Vogel’s methodic technique made for a robust and vivacious sound warm enough to sing you to sleep on “Decay” and “Fly Low Carrion Crow” but also brash enough to punch you in the face on “Ride Away” and “My Love Won’t Wait.”

For being just two people, or gallants rather, their hardcore blues gave the impression of a full band. Performing mostly songs off their new record, The Bloom and the Blight, the seasoned indie rockers played with the vigor of newcomers. It was fresh while also being heart-wrenching and soulful. This was most exemplified on the last song of the night “Halcyon Days,” which abruptly shifts between delicate melodic strumming and heart-pounding thrash. This mood-changing is a recurrent theme among most of Gallants’ tracks, making for an unpredictable and satisfying experience. ★★★★☆