How to Make RM Seafood’s Inca Dinka Doo Cocktail

img5360.jpgRM Seafood lead bartender Nathan Greene recently got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to follow his spirit. That is, he entered the 2013 Encanto Pisco Distiller’s Apprentice Competition and won a trip to Peru, where he got to follow pisco (South American grape spirit) from harvest and distillation to blending and bottling. His winning cocktail, the Inca Dinka Doo, refers to the Incas of ancient Peru and fits nicely into the RM Seafood cocktail program, where the lines between kitchen and bar simply don’t exist.

It’s no surprise that Greene is a native of the Bay Area, where in the second half of the 19th century it was easier to get Peruvian pisco than to import whiskey from the East Coast or abroad. Greene combined Encanto pisco with Rothman & Winter Orchard Peach Liqueur, fresh lemon juice, honey syrup and Scrappy’s Orange Bitters in a Pernod-washed coupe. In his words, it’s “unpretentious and approachable. Maybe I can convert a vodka drinker into a pisco drinker with this cocktail.” We’ll call that the other Noble Experiment.

Inca Dinka Doo

RM Seafood in Mandalay Place, $15

Combine 1½ ounces Encanto Pisco, ¾ ounce Rothman & Winter Orchard Peach Liqueur, 5/8 ounce fresh lemon juice, ½ ounce honey syrup (equal parts honey and water) and 2 dashes of Scrappy’s Orange Bitters in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, cover, shake vigorously with ice and set aside. “Wash” a chilled 5-ounce coupe glass with a ½ ounce of Pernod, coating the inside, then dumping the excess. Strain the contents of the cocktail shaker into the Pernod-washed coupe. Express the essential oils from a large lemon swath over the cocktail, and then set the swath in the glass.

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