Bar Hall of Fame Methodology

So, what does it take to get nominated for the Las Vegas Bar Hall of Fame? As was the case in 2012, the chief criteria this year was simple:

• A bar must possess a significant amount of quality and/or character, and have contributed something significant to this city’s bar culture.

• And a bar must be at least 5 years old (and still in business).

Some readers (and, ahem, bar owners) had difficulty appreciating and accepting the latter criterion, to which we respond: There is a difference between being a great bar and being a Hall of Fame bar. (We can all agree that Bryce Harper is a great baseball player. We can also agree it’ll take years of sustained prowess before the Las Vegas phenom is considered a Hall of Famer.)

Now that we’ve done our “work,” it’s your turn to chime in on which bars you believe should be immortalized in the Hall. Consider this your invitation to vote early and often at (you can submit one ballot daily through June 26, voting for as many as five bars each time). And if you think we dropped the ball on your favorite bar—last year, we somehow failed to include Vintner Grill, the Summerlin hot spot—drop us a line at

Finally, check out the July 18 issue of Vegas Seven, when we raise a glass to the next flight of Hall of Famers. Cheers!

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