Electric Daisy Carnival Guide 2013

All the deets on this year's festival—how to get there, what to wear, who you'll hear

From June 21-23, the Electric Daisy Carnival will transform the Las Vegas Motor Speedway into a wonderland of light and sound. You may know it as an electronic dance music festival. But, seen from a different angle, it just may be the world’s biggest art installation. Photographer Eric Kabik shares his inimitable visions from last year’s event, Geoff Carter gives us a sneak peek at the art of this year’s carnival and Jen Chase takes us inside the world of art-car culture. Plus: Just Blaze takes you ‘Higher,’ Julie Kamiyama helps you put together the perfect outfit, and more.

Find the entire EDC schedule here.


EDC Day 1

A look at the first night of Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 | Read more…


EDC Day 2

Take a spin around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and soak in the neon. | Read more…


EDC Day 3

The sun is up and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. | Read more…


Nicky Romero Talks Hype

Of course the dubstep hype was huge and I feel it’s a little over now. Sad enough because it was a serious next-level thing. | Read more…


On the Ground at EDC

It’s taken me til now to see my first DJ. | Read more…


Newbie Gets a Taste of Kandi

With little rave experience, this newbie tried out PLUR. | Read more…


EDC Deep in the Swing of Things

Here’s some of the best from social media. | Read more…


A Carnival of Sights

Yeah, yeah, there’s music and pretty people. But check out those EDC art installations! | Read more…