Gentlemen, Charge Your Engines

Tesla Stations on Their Way to a Desert Near You

supercharger.jpgWe like Teslas: They’re handsome, silent, fast and all-electric. The earth itself may love Teslas, for all we know. The problem, if you’d like to strap yourself into one and dash across the Mojave, has been that they give you slightly better range than strapping a couple of r/c models to your feet. But that issue may soon be a thing of the past: Tesla recently announced plans for a nationwide network of its supercharger stations, capable of delivering a 200-mile charge in 30 minutes, to be rolled out by 2015. By then, it expects to have about 200 stations that draw both from the grid and from solar panels.

At present, nine charging stations are scattered in California, Connecticut and Delaware. By winter, though, there should be enough for coast-to-coast travel, free for motorists. In 2014, the nearest stations to Las Vegas should be operational, allowing road trippers to skip along Interstate 15 by topping off in Primm, according to Tesla’s map, before shooting the160 miles to St. George, Utah and breaking for a recharge. Another station slated for the Kingman, Ariz., area, would be operational by 2015.

Now if they can just do something about that $70,000 base price.


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