National Bourbon Daze

photo-1copy.jpgI’m not usually one to celebrate faux-lidays, but National Bourbon Day is a notion I can still get behind. Even though it appears to be championed by a company called (also boosters for National Pasta Day and World Pistachio Day), I’m always down for a refreshing cocktail. June 14 took me first to Le Thai for the newest cocktail on the menu, the Mint Thai-lep, a play on the traditional mint julep, made with Maker’s Mark, tamarind juice, a little simple syrup, lots of ice and fresh mint ($9)—strong! Luckily, I didn’t have far to go.

My next stop was the Laundry Room at Commonwealth for a National Bourbon Day celebration presented by Bulleit. We nibbled on macarons, brownie bites and gourmet caramel corn while sipping three cocktails: the Summer Smash (Bulleit bourbon, lemon, orange, simple syrup and mint), the Shakedown (Bulleit Rye, vanilla syrup and lime) and the Haute Fashioned, which features Bulleit 10, a relatively new marque (to Las Vegas anyway), Angostura Aromatic Bitters and an orange twist. I couldn’t get too blitzed, though; I still have to sew my costume for National Caviar Day (July 18).

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