Becoming the Dancing Queen

Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

Knowing what to wear to the Electric Daisy Carnival can be daunting. To start with, the event takes place from dusk till dawn at the beginning of summer. Add in the obligatory exuberance of electronic-dance-music culture, and you’ve got quite a challenge if you want to stand out—and do it in comfort. For advice, we turned to Julie Kamiyama, owner of Better Than New Boutique, and asked her to design the perfect outfit for our model, Ashley Anttonelli. Here are Kamiyama’s thoughts on what works on the brightest of nights:

You have to … be comfortable. For someone who’s never been to EDC, he or she may assume it’s only rainbow and neon tutus and furries. You don’t have to do that. It’s not just about the hype of embellished bras for girls.

You’re not … at the club. Don’t ever wear heels. Don’t ever wear open-toed shoes. Always carry a backpack, but remember the rules of the festival and what you’re allowed to bring.

You can never overdo it at EDC … If you feel comfortable in a pink bunny outfit, go in that. If you just want to scope it out the first day, then do it. You don’t have to wear anything outrageous, but, if you want to, we support that.