An EDC Newbie Gets a Taste of Kandi

Photo by Amit Dadlaney |

Photo by Amit Dadlaney |

What little I know of raves I learned from the Internet, and my friend Delilah whom I met four years ago in college. From her I learned what PLUR meant, and I’d been eager ever since then to experience a rave in real time. I got my chance on night two of Electric Daisy Carnival.

Within minutes of my arrival I was in awe of the outfits–what everyone was and wasn’t wearing. Sure, pasties were popular, but it was the beads that really caught my eye. “Kandi,” as they’re called, were something I hadn’t incorporated into my own EDC-ensemble. Still eager to share what little I knew of them, I fumbled my fingers together in an attempt to show my friend how the bracelets are exchanged.

Suddenly a guy showed up (with arms coated in kandi) and offered to demonstrate for us. “I don’t have any beads,” I said. He continued to motion with his hands and with a smile he said “pick one.” I was startled by his generosity and quickly pointed to the strand closest to my own hand. He pulled it off his arm and placed it onto mine. Thanks to a friendly stranger, I’d just gotten my first taste of kandi.