Dishing: Cowboy Burger, Gilley?s Saloon, Dance Hall and Bar-b-que

What?s that saying? Save a horse, eat a cowboy? That can?t be right. The burger at Gilley?s will set you straight, though, with an 8-ounce patty that?s topped with pulled pork made in-house and jalape?o jack cheese. Crispy onions add crunch while Jack Daniel?s barbecue sauce gives it all a little tang. $15.25, in Treasure Island, 894-7111,

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Dishing: Country-Style P?t?, Comme ?a

Dishing With Grace

Dishing: Country-Style P?t?, Comme ?a

By Grace Bascos

Comme Ça’s charcuterie program is off the charts, producing not just your typical saucisson and rillettes, but also pâté, here served wrapped in thin strips of bacon. Although country-style usually means the spread is coarser ground forcemeat, typical of what is found in a French grandmother’s house, Comme Ça’s version is smoother and lighter, made with bits of rabbit, veal, pork and chicken livers for that extra touch of offal-y good flavor.