Paris Checks in at EDC

parisedcigweb.jpgAnother year and, if you couldn’t tell by the discarded beads from broken kandi clackity-clacking down Interstate 15, another Electric Daisy Carnival is in the books.

This year’s event didn’t suffer from the sudden windstorm that put a damper on last year’s second night, which means unfortunately it did suffer from the full complement of Paris Hilton.

Hilton was relatively subdued for the weekend, taking just enough time to Instagram her stupid, stupid outfits before boarding the chopper and rolling up on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

For Pasquale Rotella, though, it was Take Your Daughter to Work Festival. Rainbow Aurora and Holly Madison were both at EDC, where Rotella proposed to her atop the Ferris wheel. Madison did a lot better than Hilton’s light-up corset and tutu, instead rocking a monarch butterfly dress for the third night of the fest. Well, she was either dressed for that or she was going to some kind of Venture Bros. convention. Seems unlikely, though.

He Beliebs He Can Fly

If Justin Bieber were an ‘’80s wrestler, everything he’s been doing over the last few months would just be leading up to him clobbering Hulk Hogan with a chair at Wrestlemania. It’s like he’s playing the long con on us all here, knowing that his teen fanbase will be bored with him in another year or two, so he’s just laying the groundwork for his triumphant return at 24 as a sweet kid who just wants to sing. The 15-year-olds of 2013 will be tripping over themselves as the new-credit-card-wielding 20-year-olds of 2018. It’s ingenious.

When Bieber was at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving on June 16 with his crew of six—getting there just before the place closed—he was offered the chance to pay $1,600 for the experience, or he could post a mid-flight Instagram pic. According to reports, the Biebs even faked taking the picture and left without paying.

In fact, one of his security guards supposedly made a mess around the sink in the bathroom, then threw a paper towel on the ground while looking right at an employee. End result? Bieber has been banned for life from the facility.

Now if only the rest of us could band together and institute a similar policy.

Another one for the road

The EDMbiz conference, which took place June 18-20 at the Cosmopolitan, saw the premiere of a trailer for As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM. It’s a documentary about the late Rain resident set to bow later this year. Kevin Kerslake, who directed the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience film, will helm the doc. … Also notable from EDMbiz, word came out that Dick Clark Productions is teaming with Insomniac for a dance-music awards show to take place next year at the Cosmopolitan during EDC Week. We can’t wait to see who wins Best Oversize Headpiece. … In non-EDC-related news, Tara Reid was at Wet Republic on June 21, where she boarded Steve Aoki’s crowd-surfing raft to take a few laps around the audience.


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