Clark County?s Most Dangerous Intersections

Distracted driving, speeding and pedestrians darting into traffic all contribute to the collision-prone areas.

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Fifteen years ago, Rainbow Boulevard and Sahara Avenue ranked as the ninth most-dangerous intersection in the entire United States. The crossroads had an estimated 207 crashes in 1998, according to a study done by State Farm Insurance.?State Farm no longer ranks dangerous intersections, but both Rainbow Boulevard and Sahara Avenue continue to make the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s list of crash-prone areas?though not where the two streets cross.

Where Rainbow meets Charleston rated as the No. 1 intersection for crashes in Las Vegas during the first six months of 2013. That crossroads, as well as where Charleston and Lamb Boulevard intersect, each reported 23 collisions from January to June. Sahara at Decatur was next on the list with 20 crashes, according to Metro?s traffic bureau.

The most dangerous intersections in Las Vegas all are heavily travelled, a major contributor to the high number of crashes that occur there. ?They?re very busy intersections,? Metro officer Larry Hadfield said. ?There?s really no other way to put it.?

Motorists in a rush, drivers not yielding to pedestrians and vehicles running red lights also are serious factors in the collision rate. Driving too fast and cell phone use?which has been banned in Nevada since January 2012?are other contributors, according to Hadfield. ?It?s people disregarding a traffic device or inattention to driving,? he explained.

Henderson: Eastern Ave. sees large number of crashes

Though far fewer vehicles travel the roads in Henderson, the same factors cause intersections to be dangerous: distracted driving and speeding, according to Henderson Police officer Keith Paul.

Eastern Avenue laid claim to Henderson’s two most accident-prone intersections in 2012, at Horizon Ridge Parkway and St. Rose Parkway. Henderson traffic officers will increase?enforcement of traffic laws at those and eight other intersections this summer (see map below), using?funding from Joining Forces, a state Office of Traffic Safety grant. The same grant will also pay for increased patrols in Las Vegas.

So far this year, 116 people have died on Nevada roadways with 85 of those deaths occurring in Clark County, according to the state Office of Traffic Safety.?Nearly half of those killed in traffic collisions in Las Vegas this year were pedestrians, Hadfield said. Of those pedestrians who died, more than one-third were at fault for the fatal accident, he said.

Besides cracking down on drivers, police also urge pedestrians to only cross at marked crosswalks, pay attention and not assume motorists will see you.??If you try to run across the street, especially at night when it?s dark, the drivers of the cars are not going to see you,? Paul said.

Don’t see the map? Refresh your page. Click on the bubbles for more information on each intersection.

Interactive maps by Nicole Ely.

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