Enduring Punk, July Chatterboxes, Impure Riffs

The only ?80s Las Vegas hardcore band that is still alive and pit-moshing is Fuck Shit Piss. Anyone who dug local punk during those years must have seen these guys live and be familiar with anti-authority anthems ?Guns and Bullets? and ?Dead Man Stares.? By the decade?s end, the band had imploded, leaving behind a small smattering of demo cassettes and 7-inch vinyl records—and a gnarly reputation for being the band to really galvanize the hardcore kids in Vegas. (Frontman Danny Breeden is responsible for illustrating many punk fliers through the ?90s, too.) Fuck Shit Piss has re-formed and blown up a few times since, but three years ago they reunited and began playing shows with some consistency around town. Now the band is so respectable it?s gracing the stage at Double Down Saloon at 2 p.m., in honor of the Fourth of July. Also on the bill: IDFI and Spotted Dick.

Just in time for July comes July Talk, who play Backstage Bar & Billiards at 10 p.m. July 5. This Canadian boy-girl indie-blues-rock quintet splits the difference between Tom Waits and She & Him. Gravel-voiced guitarist Peter Dreimanis spits out aggressive lyrics of grim heartbreak while platinum-haired pixie Leah Fay coos na?f-like. Their electrifying duet ?Paper Girl? makes for a compelling contrast in character and attitude, especially when Dreimanis and Fay join for the unusual chorus: If you want money in your coffee/If you want secrets in your tea/Keep your paper heart away from me. July Talk will leave people talking.

Over at LVCS, at 9 p.m. July 7, there?s a technical-death-metal explosion, headlined by The Vile Impurity from Springfield, Illinois. Impurity is still touring in support of last year?s debut disc Anathema, which earned rave reviews from the underground metal press. By this point the band, only 2 years old, should be battle-hardened. Warning: Songs such as face-pummeling ?Messiah?s Disgrace? sound like vicious, alien-transmitted Morse code instead of music. Not for everyone, but Impurity will likely purify your eardrums with an incendiary assault. Local bands on the bill include Excretory Engorgement, Phalloplasty and Mechanical Death.

Victorville, California?s Face to Face plants itself inside House of Blues at 6 p.m. July 5. I?ll always have a soft spot for this pop-punk act, based mainly on the fact that a song of theirs (?Disconnected?) appears in cult post-apocalyptic sci-fi-comic-book movie Tank Girl (from 1995, before post-apocalyptic was cool). I still consider these guys a harder-edged version of Green Day, and their latest album, Three Chords and a Half Truth, released in April, proves these vets are every bit as shout-along and sincere and sonically straight-up as they ever were. Sharing the bill are Implants, Blacklist Royals and Joshua Black Wilkins.

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