Light ?Em ? Up?

p>Add this to your collection of memorable Las Vegas billboard art: Two stout fingers holding a droopy cigarette?an image made to resemble the chubby legs and cigarette-saddened sex organ of an erectile-dysfunction sufferer. The message? Male smokers are 30 percent more likely to suffer from impotence than nonsmokers. The purveyor of this public-service message, Smoke Free Gaming of America, plans to add even more charm to the Strip?s highbrow collection of images soon by introducing a mascot named Ed B. Limp.

Followers of comi-phallic cigarette wars recall that this isn?t the first time a penile cartoon image popped up. Until his lawsuit-prompted death in 1997, Joe Camel?s cartoon face on the package?or cartoon package on the face?drew the ire of everyone from the American Medical Association to Congress.


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We?re Doing Better ? Now What?


A few years ago, Straight From the Streets activists for the homeless put Margaret and Lupia up in a no-frills weekly apartment on East Fremont. They were both in their 50s; they’d been sleeping on the shaded cement under the freeway. By providing vouchers to the apartment for low rent and assigning case managers, Straight From the Streets nourished both women back to self-sustaining lifestyles: one got a job in retail, the other eventually moved to an affordable senior citizen apartment complex. They weren’t enabled; they were assisted.