Something Bold, Something New

Wedding cakes are tiny, just for you at Alizé

Is it really any wonder why the cupcake trend has found love in the wedding circuit? With the surge of cupcake shops opening all over the country, it was only a matter of time before brides swooned. And for good reason: Cupcakes give brides and grooms the ability to personalize the experience with different cake flavors, frostings and embellishments, allows for dietary considerations (gluten-free, vegan, nondairy) and offers portability and versatility without sacrificing the aesthetics. And creative couples can make just as much of a statement as the traditional tiered wedding cake.

No one knows this better than recently engaged executive pastry chef Tammy Alana at the Palms? French restaurant, Aliz?. Alana offers brides who hold their receptions at Aliz? her own version of the wedding cupcake: the ?Cakelet,? a dainty, delicate, 3-inch-by-3-inch ?miniature version of your dream wedding cake?or cakes,? Alana says with an air of whimsy. Delicious as they are precious, Cakelets can come in vanilla, chocolate, lemon or red velvet flavors with fillings such as chocolate mousse, lemon curd or Bavarian custard, covered in chocolate-caramel glaze, buttercream, white or dark chocolate velvet ? Pick one, or pick them all?the options and combinations are almost endless.

Sometimes big dreams come in small, cream cheese-frosted packages.

Speak to Alize?s wedding specialist at 951-7000.

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