Concert Review: Twin Shadow

Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, July 4

The Brooklyn synth-poppers celebrated Independence Day by wrapping up their True Story tour. George Lewis Jr., the artist behind the critically acclaimed chillwave sensation, may have started out singing in his church choir, but his sultry vibrato would have no one guessing it. Lewis broke away from the dancy numbers for a few songs to showcase his soulful voice and pithy lyrics. His deliberate song construction and highly produced recordings resembled an edgier version of Australian disco revivalists Cut Copy. His New Wave style mixed The Cure?s gothy tone with The Police?s reggae drumbeats. Although his contemporary musicality sounds clean and meticulously engineered on the albums, Twin Shadow?s live interpretation had a rougher quality. From his infectious first single ?5 Seconds? to the slower, more exploratory ?Golden Light,? off his latest album Confess, Lewis? voice flowed from being a minor instrument to a focal point. His suave delivery filled the air with a dreamy nostalgia that comes from idolizing an era you?ve never experienced. ★★★★☆

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