Seven Sick Spotify Apps

Last week, Armin Van Buuren launched his A State of Trance Spotify app. It got us thinking, what are the other best Spotify apps?

Note: Start by downloading the actual Spotify program on your computer; these don?t work from

Spotify DJ Apps

1. Aoki’s House?

Choose the DJs you want to spin your party from among names that include Steve Aoki, Tommy Trash, Nervo and Dillon Francis. Then decide the order you want them spinning. The app plays whatever songs they have in rotation from the Spotify catalog.

2. Armin Van Buuren: A State of Trance?

It?s the latest way to keep track of Armin and his label?s playlists, compilations, label releases, and radio show episodes.

3. Ti?sto?s Club Life?‎

See Ti?sto?s favorite tracks, single of the week, album of the month, festival of the month and playlists.

Spotify Music Discovery

4. Hype Machine?‎

If you like music blogs, you?ll love Hype Machine. It?s basically a blog aggregator that brings together the latest trending tracks from the best blogs. It?s my personal favorite; it?s also online at

5. Fuse?

A leader in curated playlists, Fuse features over 200 tracks updated by staff members. It?s a cool way to discover playlists like ?Essential Fourth of July BBQ? and ?It?s Prom Season, You?ll Need this Makeout Playlist.?

6. MusiXmatch?‎

The best way to discover lyrics and sing along, MusiXmatch displays lyrics as they?re playing. You can even click your favorite lyrics and Spotify will play that part of the song.

7. Songkick Concerts?‎

Discover when your favorite acts are playing in your city. This app scans your iTunes to determine your favorite artists, then displays their upcoming concerts nearby.

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