Batali Chef Leading Way on Meals for Mount Charleston Firefighters

jasonneveRight after ?enough water to drown a bull elephant,? the first thing the firefighters on Mount Charleston are likely looking forward to is a hot meal. Mario Batali?s B&B Ristorante is lending its culinary clout to the cause.

Jason Neve, culinary director of all three of Batali?s Venetian/Palazzo operations–B&B, Carnevino and Otto?put the word out to his purveyors for donations, and he and his staff are assembling meals to hand over to the Red Cross for distribution on the mountain.

?We?re providing as many hot meals as we can. I contacted the Red Cross. They?re taking care of picking it up from us and distributing it to the firefighters up there, and any of the other people who have been evacuated to shelters,? Neve says. ?We?re just putting in our labor and time, and products here and there to make something good for them.?

On the menu for today: Pasta with a sausage ragu and broccoli, garlic bread, salad, fresh fruit and chocolate chip cookies. Neve says that they?ll be sending another round tomorrow and Saturday, and will continue as long as they keep getting product.

Other restaurants are working their own relief efforts. Ferraro?s, for example, is offering a Mt. Charleston Relief Menu through July 17, a four-course $50 prix fixe with proceeds going to support personnel and evacuees.

?I think some other restaurants have started to reach out to the Red Cross,? Neve says. ?I know on Monday they were still looking for a lot of help, because they hadn?t gotten too much positive response.?

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