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New cold-pressed juiceries bring drinkable health to Las Vegas

You know that friend who’s into yoga, 64 ounces of daily H20 and regular exercise? If they weren’t so nice it would be easy to pooh-pooh how effortless they make their health look, sipping wheatgrass while you secretly envy their energy and baby-soft skin from the straw side of your Frappuccino. Your greens-drinking friend may be onto something.

Sellers of raw, unpasteurized, cold-pressed bottled juice are starting to crop up in Las Vegas, joining a trend that is creeping from both coasts by helping casual juice lovers and hardcore cleansers to more easily pound their produce. Jamba Juice and Whole Foods have long served fresh juice a la minute, but that lacks the convenience of opening a grocery store’s cold case and grabbing a bottle or, better yet, having a full juice cleanse delivered to your door. That’s the kind of void The Juice Standard, Roots Juicery and the Grass Roots Interactive Juice Bar hope to fill.

The Juice Standard

“We desert dwellers lead 24/7 lives. We need healthy options that are, above all else, convenient,” says Jamie Stephenson, who with longtime Las Vegan and business partner Marcella Melnichuk is starting up The Juice Standard, maker of cold-pressed, all-organic juices and nut milks. “Many stores sell pasteurized green sugar water, which will send you crashing in no time,” says Stephenson. “[People] might as well fast on soda pop.” The Juice Standard products will be geared toward casual juice drinkers as well as people hoping to naturally alleviate common health problems through juice cleanses. “Juicing is the fastest, easiest way to consume all the phytonutrients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins your body needs to thrive,” Stephenson says. “Our diehards juice 10-30 days and more for spiritual, cleansing and weight-loss purposes. It’s a wonderful way to get back to feeling like that 13-year-old kid you really know you are.” Products will soon be available at select retail locations and for easy ordering and delivery at

Roots Juicery

For Paul Noguchi of Roots Juicery, it was love at first carrot-and-celery-juice sip in the early ’90s at a health food store. When he couldn’t find fresh, locally made, quality juice in Las Vegas that was cold-pressed—a process that yields the most nutrient-dense juice—he decided to start his own juicery. “I wanted to spread the goodness and share all of the amazing health benefits of pressed juice with everyone,” he says. When it goes live in fall (keep an eye on, Roots will sell 100 percent raw, vegan juices, nut milks and cleanse kits from restaurants and fitness facilities. Noguchi will post delivery drop-off locations via Twitter and Instagram (@RootsJuicery) so folks can pick up product at specified times.

A fair guesstimate for cleanses based on juiceries in nearby states hints at $50-$60 a day for five to eight bottles of juice and in some cases a nut milk, too. Noguchi makes seven juices and three flavors of cashew milk, all of which he says have been popular with Roots fans who work in the nightlife industry. Local DJ Benny Black credits Roots Juicery with helping him better juggle work, life with a 2-year-old and good health. “I’ve stopped snoring, my sweat doesn’t stink, my stamina and energy are up, I’m more positive, and I’m not a tired jerk all time,” says Black, who lost about 20 pounds on a six-day cleanse. “This is the best way to reset and start from scratch to change your life for the better.”

Grass Roots Interactive Juice Bar

Want a little eat with your drink? Shane Stuart is a longtime health, wellness and raw foods advocate, founder of the Las Vegas Wellness Institute and co-founder of raw food company Baby I Like It Raw, and this fall he’s opening Grass Roots Interactive Juice Bar at Carson Avenue and Sixth Street with help from the Downtown Project. Stuart’s spot will satisfy both juicers and solid-food eaters alike with daily cold-pressed and bottled juices, Vitamix’d smoothies blitzed with superfoods such as phytoplankton and essential oils, grab-and-go prepared raw foods, and even a machine that with a scan of your hand can tell what nutrients your body is lacking.

“Health and wellness is definitely lacking [in Las Vegas],” so educating customers is going to be a big factor at his juice bar, says Stuart, who this month is also launching Sugar Coated, a food truck that reimagines desserts using cleverly prepared produce. “It’s going to be about the lesson, that kale isn’t just a green leaf, but has more protein per pound than chicken, that we just dropped into their glass a piece of magic.”

There’s a Juice for That?

New to juicing? Roots Juicery’s Paul Noguchi recommends these cold-pressed juices from his menu that are fit for any Las Vegas lifestyle.

For the Try the
Nightlife Party Girl Mighty Greens
New Mom Positive Vibrations
Guy Who Hates Veggies Vital Qi
Silver Fox Root Down
Hung-Over Bachelor Livity Greens
Burns-It-At-Both-Ends Casino Exec Rock Steady Beets
Health-Conscious Cocktail Waitress Deep Greens

Juice Speak

Cold-Pressed Juice: Juice made using a Norwalk juicer?a 4,000-pound machine that in two steps ?chews? produce with a masticating cutter and then hydraulically ?presses? it with a kabillion pounds of pressure (or 1000), rendering produce to a mass of near-dry pulp and yielding nutrient-rich juice.

Juice Cleanse: Resting a body from digesting food by feeding it juice. Lasting one to three or more days, they can help rid the body of toxins, lose weight, and reset your innards after long periods of abuse (i.e., holiday indulging, or lengthy times on heavy meds).

Nut Milk: Liquid made my soaking raw nuts and pressing them into dairy-free ?milk.? Typically sweetened with dates or agave and flavored with cinnamon and vanilla (also enjoyed nakedly plain), it can be drunk alone or frozen into dairy-free desserts.

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