Concert Reviews: Pickwick

Beauty Bar, July 12

As this six-dude Seattle band sweated it out in the thick, damp night behind the Beauty Bar, I couldn’t shake the feeling I was digging through my own musical attic. Vocalist Galen Disston, who bears a passing resemblance to Art Garfunkel, dropped vocal licks that snatched at scraps of Steven Tyler on “Brother Roland,” 1980s Alice Cooper on the tentatively named “Song 2,” and doo-wopped Rick Springfield on “Letterbox.” They paid homage to Sam Cooke’s sound and his bloody demise in “Hacienda Motel” then pistoned through more than one pogo-worthy, Ramones-injected piece all while saving some room for sound effects on “Myth” that could have been culled from the sample bag for Dark Side of the Moon.

Disston can whip from a well-tuned falsetto to a Janis Joplin growl and the rest of the guys have the skills to lay down whatever groove feels right for their neo-nostalgic repertoire. With just one album, Can’t Talk Medicine, in the bag, it may be they’re still trying to find a niche. But while that might sound like an indictment, in this case there is a lot to be said for not settling. ★★★✩✩

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