“At the Sapphire,” HardNox

Why doesn’t every Las Vegas strip joint have its own music video? The question arises after watching “At the Sapphire,” in honor of the World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club. Local hip-hop duo HardNox (comprised of Vanilla Icemen Danny Boy and Jimbo) taps into the inherent comedy of spittin’ rhymes about a venue where—as the video makes abundantly clear—lovely ladies jiggle their sexy bottoms. (The distinctively R-rated video can be seen on YouTube.) Shot entirely on the Sapphire premises (including its pool and dayclub), every moment makes me laugh. My favorite part? When a bikini-clad P.Y.T. presses a water pistol against Jimbo’s temple poolside. Cristal-hammered, he announces: About this time/We’re going “H*A*M.”/What the hell’s that mean?/I don’t know, damn/Ask Jay-Z, man. (“H*A*M” is a song by Jay-Z and Kanye West.) Meanwhile, director Brett Feinstein checks off the necessary visual ingredients. Dollar bills rain everywhere, even underwater. Champagne flows ceaselessly. A hot chick licks whipped cream from a glass. But a self-effacing humor keeps things fresh—as when HardNox lip-synchs at the bottom of the pool, mouths bubbling, like adult versions of the baby from Nirvana’s album cover. Eat your laugh-starved heart out, Jay-Z. ★★★✩✩

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