Dive into Dive-In Mondays at the Boulevard Pool

Family-friendly fun good for the grown-ups, too

“Just follow the kids,” we’re instructed as my friends and I enter the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool for the Dive-In Mondays movie night.

Really? I wonder as I fight an unwanted tinge of smugness. The kids? Ok, Little Giants is the 7:30 p.m. show, so of course the demographic might skew young. But would it ultimately ruin our experience? Quite the contrary, the event would prove to make us feel young, not feel outnumbered by the youngsters.

Most immediately noticeable at the pool are the partially submerged lounge chairs, pool beds and floaties all facing the resort’s marquee that will be our movie screen. The flick is showing on the top half only because of its vertical orientation.

Instead of the $3 tickets we upgrade to the $25 per-person daybed. We’re a bit late, so there’s only one good daybed remaining. Unfortunately it’s occupied by two pre-teens, who our host promptly removes, and we are left feeling horrible for a moment. But after a few laughs at the film we feel like kids again. We’re already calling this the coolest family-friendly show in town. Moms and dads are snuggling while the little ones splash around nearby.

There’s a 50-minute break between Little Giants and the 10 p.m. showing of Friday Night Lights. Most kids leave, and the scene mellows out. Popcorn? Check. Tacos? Not bad. Neapolitan Bar’s adult popsicles? Delish. The late show is also a rather great date spot: Two of my friends make out when no one’s watching.

“Most fun I’ve had all summer,” declares my globetrotting friend. She’s actually an authority on fun, having recently travelled to Miami for Game 7 of the NBA Finals and to the U.K. for Wimbledon’s semifinals. So it’s a wonderful and well-deserved endorsement—the summer’s best family-friendly experience proves chill for adults, too.


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